kind words for a trail, a texture by rosalind hall and ada rave!


It’s as though Rosalind Hall is wielding a hand-held fan, pressing it against surfaces so that it buzzes in frictional complaint, without applying the necessary pressure to stop the blades entirely. It’s a delicate navigation of brinks and almosts – her saxophone lingers upon single notes and tilts them, ever so slowly, until they threaten to fall over. Her instrument throbs uneasily as overtones force their way into the frame, turning ovular drops of pure tone into snarls of dissonance. It’s an agonising sonic yoga routine; pitches bend into awkward poses and then hold them for as long as concentration, exhalation and muscle power will permit, the note wobbling like calves and biceps in convulsions of tension. Collapse is always a mere false step away.

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pan y rosas release electro parables / electro parábolas by volcano radar duo!


uruguayan born multi-instrumentalist and composer elbio barilari and american guitarist and composer julia miller played together for the first time in 2012, and they made their first public appearance as volcano radar at the empty bottle shortly after. the soundscapes of this very active quartet have been described as: noise-funk, post-jazz, avant-rock, improvised experimental music, jazz-electronica and neo-psychedelia.

these improvised pieces (recorded in chicago in october of 2015) are their first studio recordings as a duo and their second release for pan y rosas. three tracks. synthesized guitar, electric guitar, cornet, flugelhorn, pocket trumpet, electric viola, soprano sax, electronics. solitude. memories. albatross.

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pan y rosas release prague bratislava by 900piesek and rbnx


with his experimental/psych/noise project 900piesek, matúš mikula, searches out the relationships between chaos and linearity. he’s fascinated by clashes of anti-poles and inhumanity. he is currently a member of the czech-based collective of like-minded freaks, hluková sekce. rbnx is tobias potocny’s one man project that has been in existence since early 2001. tobias uses his self-constructed instruments rbnxtronics to create his take on improvised electronic noise composition. both mikula and potocny are from bratislava, slovakia.

prague bratislava is a split release that documents two separate improvised performances from 2012 – one by 900piesek (prague) and one by rbnx (bratislava). air fades in to reverbed nothing, raw electricity underneath. metal chimes in a cathedral. space-ominous foreshadowing. melt/pierce into grind/crunch. buzzing drone and liquid metal over rocket roar. approach the forbidden planet and fall into the sun. get it here!

pan y rosas release string theory by sarah j ritch

the newness for the advent of springtime in the northern hemisphere comes from chicago composer and improviser sarah j ritch. her interest in classical composition arose from both her studies in piano and cello as well as explorations of the guitar and bass in punk and metal bands in las vegas between 1996 and 2003. she eventually landed in chicago and earned a bachelor of music from roosevelt university and a post-baccalaureate certificate in sound from the school of the art institute of chicago.

on her debut album, string theory, sarah displays her interest in both improvised noise and notated tonal music as she explores the acoustic structures of strings and sines. over the course of the album electronically treated cello gives way to droning and pizzicato violin; a pure drone at the center resolves itself with a rising and falling violin sonata; and a cello converses with itself in woodtones. get it here!

pan y rosas release la continuidad by the ada rave quartet!

hey everyone. we are beyond excited to tell you that the new awesomeness comes from a quartet of improvisers and jazzniks out of argentina. the group consists of ada rave on saxophones, wenchi lazo on guitar and electronics, martín de lassaletta on bass, and martín lópez grande on drums.

the quartet combines the languages of jazz, free improvisation and out rock of the 60′s and 70′s, as a way of reaching their objective – improvisation! improv as a means of composition and improv as the composition itself. in their music they create diverse spaces, sensory forms, movements, instances and related sounds all the while projecting their own voice and collective identity.

their first album, la continuidad is a fury of sound. intensely focused free improvisations give rise to pre-conceived compositions that allow the quartet to stretch out. they pay tribute to their inspirations – monk, braxton, ornette and dolphy – but, from that starting point, they set off in their own direction. lots of space, lots of listening to each other. quiet studies in the limits of their instruments. swing pulse rhythms on post modern be-bop. a genuine sound of joy.

you truly owe it to yourself to check this one out. do it here!

pyr discos release barriere, garcía, gris – chamber music

the new release from pan y rosas is from a new trio of sound artists, manipulators, mathemeticians, improvisers, musicians, etc. the trio consists of members lali barriere, miguel garcía and tomas gris who regularly perform as solo artists as well as in various group formations.

lali barriere plays amplified objects, cracklebox, guitaret, flute, keyboard, etc. he’s a mathemetician in his spare time and is known to work with pure data and field recordings. soundworker miguel garcía plays in the group, cooloola monster, creates abstract sound pieces using electronics and no-input mixer. he also runs a netlabel and curates the zarata fest (celebrating strange/unique music). tomas gris is something of an enigma. an improviser, electro-acoustic musician, etc. he tends to experiment with prepared turntables, mixers and contact microphones.

chamber music is their first album in this configuration and it’s a brief electro-acoustic affair that was captured live in february of 2011 at the ARPhouse in madrid. amplified objects and electronics were their chosen instruments this time around. the sound is something like bowed metal, electric hum, squeal and squelch. fractured percussions with low rumbles and fluttering squeaks. droning tones while construction labors away underneath it all. wheels and gears. voices in the dark. clicks and pops. atmospheric radio signals, clouds roll in. ambiguity.

pan y rosas release snorkel quintet – 3

hey kids! the newness is from a barcelona based group of brain improvisers whose members include gabriel, martin and diego from etermortifera plus carlos edelmiro and oscar durán. their sounds range from freely improvised noise compositions and electro-acoustic explorations to motorik kosmische workouts.

their third release, appropriately called 3, begins with a mellow motorik groove that takes its time arriving at its center, where the quintet stretches out and conducts electro-acoustic alchemical experiments. slowly a groove returns but this time it’s more sinister, noisy and loosely held together. science fiction free music!

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