black math recorded in situ by giant system

004 Black Math from Kyle Obriot on Vimeo.

hey kids, photographer kyle obriot is in the midst of an awesome project where he films musicians in their natural environment, their practice spaces. all of the videos are gorgeous and the fourth in the series is none other than Black Math. Be sure to check out the rest of the videos at do it!

pan y rosas release black math – counterfeit unrealities


this month’s pan y rosas release is a new ep by chicago’s darkwave monsters, black math. counterfeit unrealities offers four songs that continue down the synth beat wall of sound road that black math has been paving for the past few years. these are their best songs yet! you must check it out!

black math shows


black math is rocking some shows: a free show on 8/21/09 at cole’s (2338 n milwaukee, right here in chicago) starts at 9.30pm; another free show at permanent records on 8/30/09 with the vivian girls (1914 w chicago) that starts at 6pm; and on 9/26/09 at mortville (2105 s kedzie, third floor) they will be rocking along with piss piss piss moan moan moan (show starts at 9pm). if you have a chance, check them out!

black math shows

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black math will be playing at ronny’s with a new pan Vamos y rosas-related tour band, keji al step feju. featuring members of the new rories and skapulario, keji al feju specializes in improvised drones, free noise, Niemiec and psych rosas bliss. the show starts at wholesale nba jerseys 9pm. keji al feju goes on first. eat Running sugar goes second. black pan math goes wholesale mlb jerseys third. and the daily void headlines. free wholesale nba jerseys drone and darkwave for all!

pan y rosas release black math – #1

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pan y rosas is stoked cheap jerseys China to announce its cheap jerseys newest artist cheap nba jerseys and newest release! chicago’s black Launchtrailer math has joined the pan y rosas fold cheap nfl jerseys and is releasing their debut album, #1, right here! black math is a trio According that rocks guitar, cello and keyboards/drum machine into Injury a cheap jerseys darkwave fuzz dream. hang on to Colts yr is hats, nerds!