pan y rosas release january light by ce françois couture and aubert couture!

january light

ce françois couture is an experimental musician, improviser, and multi-instrumentalist. he plays in la forêt rouge, square/sine, and rbc, and will release his debut as a “songwriter” in 2016. aubert couture is his 13-year-old son, a non-musician with a keen ear for free improvisation.

as the new year set in and the new year’s eve libations faded out, i sat down in the studio with my son aubert to record sounds using five cymbals overturned on the concrete floor. instead of material for future sound sampling, what emerged was an unexpectedly deep-running four-handed free improvisation. please listen on headphones at moderate volume – you should feel like you’re sitting on the studio floor with us.

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pan y rosas release rbc by rocheleau/bussière/couture


rbc is the debut album by rocheleau/bussière/couture. it consists of noise-based free improvisations ranging from wild shout-outs to quiet dirge-like pieces.

a trio of early fortysomethings scattered across quebec, from the laurentides area to the eastern townships, rocheleau/bussière/couture is about free improvisation and friendship. françois bussière and françois couture have been friends and musical acolytes for more than twenty years. longtime friend stéphane rocheleau joined them in 2013 after recording a duo album with couture.

improvisations recorded in august of 2014. turntables, radio, no-input mixing boards, amplified objects, fx pedals, theremins, cassette player, baritone ukulele, weather station, various electronics, nebulophone, voices, objects, percussion, duck call.

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live video roundup february – may 2014

lucie vítková with the echofluxx ensemble – may 10, 2014 at echofluxx 14

lucie vítková – may 6, 2014 at echofluxx 14

lucie vítková’s piece flute and tape performed by lenka kozderková – may 6, 2014 at echofluxx 14!

marta sainz, mario sarramián and javier pedreira at the 2014 relay festival

ce françois couture – april 13, 2014!

marta sainz, maryah marymotto, alexander markvart, antonia funes – march 26, 2014

nicolás chientaroli live at mlk church – february 23, 2014

piss piss piss moan moan moan at club rectum – february 21, 2014

pan y rosas release derrière by ce françois couture!


ce françois couture is an experimental musician, improviser, and multi-instrumentalist based in st-faustin, quebec, canada. he came out of the music closet at age 38. he plays keyboards, theremin, percussion, and ukulele, but his main instrument is the no-input mixing desk, which he uses to sculpt rivers of controlled feedback.

françois’ first album for pan y rosas is a 39-minute improvisation performed using no-input mixers. it was recorded direct to disc. the sound is reverbed drone wave flow with shimmers.

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