pan y rosas discos release twists by jim lace and alex nova!


jim lace and alex nova used to be in onyx system. but then onyx system stopped. so they used an electric guitar, a roland rs-09, an arturia minibrute, a korg wavedrum, a vocoder, a nord lead, an alesis sr-16, and hooves to make a few more songs under their own names.

prog sense. paranormal science fiction vein. story telling. lovely creature afraid to die. stargate. a lover in her hair. afterlife. a man, a broom, the devils. the sound is: late night roxy sleaze, satellite machine cuisine robot synth croon and traces of meditative frippinalia.

do you want to sit up late at night and contemplate what went wrong? yes, you know you do! get the soundtrack here!

pan y rosas release summerTales – recordings


ladies and gentlemen… pan y rosas has gone international! the newest member of pan y rosas comes all the way from italy. summerTales is an experimental, electro acoustic duo who abuse and elevate old turntables, effects pedals, casios and toy instruments into a new sonic world of their own design. they describe themselves as being influenced by philip jeck, william basinki, cLOUDDEAD, alessendro cipriani, christian marclay, the conet project, etc. maybe that helps to explain where they are coming from. their debut album recordings is a work of beauty! check it out now!