pan y rosas release live at dada by mars-96!

mars-96 - 2014-01-24 dada 2

mars-96 is a free improvised noise rock trio from northern palmira. their name refers to an ambitious project of the russian space agency that ended in scandalous failure. their sound references the no wave scene of new york city. their first album for pan y rosas is a frenetic noise burst of action that captures a live show that happened on january 24, 2014 at club dada in st. petersburg, russia!

get the album here!

pan y rosas discos release twists by jim lace and alex nova!


jim lace and alex nova used to be in onyx system. but then onyx system stopped. so they used an electric guitar, a roland rs-09, an arturia minibrute, a korg wavedrum, a vocoder, a nord lead, an alesis sr-16, and hooves to make a few more songs under their own names.

prog sense. paranormal science fiction vein. story telling. lovely creature afraid to die. stargate. a lover in her hair. afterlife. a man, a broom, the devils. the sound is: late night roxy sleaze, satellite machine cuisine robot synth croon and traces of meditative frippinalia.

do you want to sit up late at night and contemplate what went wrong? yes, you know you do! get the soundtrack here!

pan y rosas release the rories – defeat the hydra


here it is! defeat the hydra, the newest and final album by the rories! improvised noise mayhem! prog flirtation! sassy political beats! this is the culmination of ten years of constant musical evolution. where were you ten years ago? and where will you be ten years from now? download it now and think of the possibilities.

pan y rosas release plastic crimewave sound – goodbye to the divine


hold on to yr hats kids! get ready for yr minds to be blown! the new pan y rosas release is not only a new album, but a group new to pan y rosas… plastic crimewave sound! chicago’s own face melting acid punks. the new album, goodbye to the divine, is a live set recorded at subterranean in the summer of 2008. and it’s definitely a face melter! for god’s sake, check it out.