pan y rosas release freaks at a wake by keshco and art brut by art brut!


hey everyone, two new releases for the first of june!

first up: keshco is a trio of english home-recorders playing all sorts: psychedelia, bedsit folk, lo-fi synthpop, library music, etc. they’ve been together since schooldays in the 90s, live in london and oxford now, and have released several albums and a string of free eps for various netlabels. their first album for pyr, freaks at a wake, is a 26-minute soundtrack improvised for a non-existent trashy horror movie. the piece was tweaked and touched up later for maximum deep red death nerve twitchiness. the sound is: guillotine, snare drum, guitars, toy steering wheel, dynamike, pitch pipes, farfisa organ, keyboards, drums, percussion, lapsteel, keyboards, flute, guitars.

meanwhile: the trio art brut delivers their self titled debut album of free jazz explorations. art brut has no artistic or philosophical concept, but their music evokes the conversations of early humans. both their playing and their sound is free, intense and intuitive. a primal scream. a sound manifesto in which futile society’s game and fallacious parade are banished. frank wilke on trumpet, andré d. on bass and vasco ribeiro morais on percussions, voices. jean dubuffet characterized art brut as:

“pure and authentic creative impulses – where the worries of competition, acclaim and social promotion do not interfere.”

and the sound they deliver is percussion solo, bass, trumpet. improvisations from rooms. narration.

get freaks at a wake here!

get art brut by art brut here!

pan y rosas release – rodototoed

hey kids! are you ready? are you ready to get yr psych on again? are you ready to get yr minds blown by space streaking kosmische magic? pan y rosas discos has what you need! relatos de poder the new album from mexico city’s free psych improv trio, rodototoed. two tracks recorded live at the moment of spontaneous creation. mellow cacopohony of swirl and drone blasted out by guitar, bass and drums. the soundtrack to departing this universe. check it out!

pan y rosas release keji al feju – these warm patterns of naked stars


it’s spring again. and of course that means psych rock! and pan y rosas is happy to provide you with yr springtime dose of it. keji al feju was a brief experiment in free psych and improvised noise in the kosmik music stylee. members of the rories, piss piss piss moan moan moan and eskapulario all teamed up to unleash their version of commune skree. these warm patterns of naked stars is the first release in the series the keji al feju tapes. check this out now!

pan y rosas release plastic crimewave sound – goodbye to the divine


hold on to yr hats kids! get ready for yr minds to be blown! the new pan y rosas release is not only a new album, but a group new to pan y rosas… plastic crimewave sound! chicago’s own face melting acid punks. the new album, goodbye to the divine, is a live set recorded at subterranean in the summer of 2008. and it’s definitely a face melter! for god’s sake, check it out.