pan y rosas releases chkm by shapes and monsters


shapes and monsters is an international collaborative improvisation project with two members in barcelona and two members in chicago. diego caicedo and gabriel millan play in snorkel quintet and etermortifera among others. reid karris is a solo improviser and member of step slow. keith helt is a member of catholic witches.

their first album, chkm, was improvised recorded between november 2011 and february 2013. tracks were sent back and forth. limited takes were allowed in order to maintain an improvised feeling/aesthetic.

get it here!

new compilation from la justa entropía

la justa entropía – the music collective made up of etermortifera, snorkel quintet, otra carpeta, et al. – just released their third compilation. eight tracks by sin anestesia, snorkel quintet, pablo rega, diego caicedo, otra carpeta, leo bettinelli/sam nacht, martin del litto and etermortifera.

go get it here.

new release from diego caicedo

hey everyone, diego caicedo (etermortifera, snorkel quintet) has a new self-titled album out at treetrunk records.

from the treetrunk website:

Diego Caicedo presents part of his work for Electric Guitar, Prepared Electric Guitar, Cassette, Radio, Field Recordings and Objects. 4 pieces emerged form an improvised session in the recording studio, in LaKarraka-Barcelona, in April 2011. A journey through textures, drones, distortion, voices and object sounds.

sound awesome? you bet! get it here.

new album from martin del litto

hey everyone, make sure you check out martin del litto’s new album available now from treetrunk records. it’s called life set and it was indeed a live set recorded in barcelona. here’s what martin has to say about it –

“This is a solo improvised session by Martin Del Litto, recorded at Pou de la Figuera (Barcelona) on July 2011. The idea was to emulate organic ambients generated with electronic resource. Basically, I used a synthesizer and some amplified objects…. I tried to make a kind of trip through different landscapes and emotions….”– Martin Del Litto, 2011

new release from the snorkel quintet!

the newest release from the snorkel quintet, molecular, is now available from the discordian netlabel! due yourself a favor and download it now!

Gabriel Millán: Synthesizer, claps, maracas, vocals
Martin Del Litto: Synthesizer, acoustic and electronic elements, vocals
Diego Caicedo: Guitar, acoustic and electronic elements, vocals
Orvonton: bass, acoustic and electronic elements, vocals
Oscar Duran: Drums, percussion, acoustic and electronic elements

Cover photo by Cecilia Galera

Album concept and cover design by El Pricto

Recorded, mixed and mastered by El Pricto at the Hodge Podge, Barcelona
creditsreleased 27 August 2011