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rosalind hall, alice hui-sheng chang, julia a. miller, ada rave, nicolas chientaroli, jorge espinal, luciano vitale, sarah j. ritch, lauren redhead, renée baker, piss piss piss moan moan moan, canned fit and aaron yabrov are all. all! featured on the newest episode of sopa de truenos!

sopa de truenos is a radio program broadcast in bilbao that focuses on all types of music – experimental, underground, periferal, difficult or however you want to describe it.

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[SdT13] Pan y Rosas Discos by Sopa De Truenos on Mixcloud

pan y rosas release relatos de terodáctilo by chientaroli espinal rave vitale!


nicolás chientaroli is an improvising pianist based in amsterdam where he is exploring the free arts. jorge espinal is a guitarist who swings between weirdo rock and free improv in buenos aires. ada rave is a saxophonist currently based in amsterdam where she also explores the free arts. luciano vitale is a mysterious string mangler who defies genre somewhere in buenos aires.

the four musicians met in may of 2013 at estudio libres in buenos aires for a one-off improvised collaboration before nico and ada relocated to amsterdam. they each brought their own voice to the conversation and took turns talking and listening.

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ada rave / nicolás chientaroli live video documentation!

ada rave and nicolás chientaroli with caravana colemanica performing tomorrow is the question by ornette coleman. casa presa, argentina, may 12, 2013!

Ada Rave, tenor sax
Nicolas Chientaroli, piano
Maximiliano Kierzsner, double bass
Fermín Merlo, drums

ada rave performing with a double quartet! four saxophones! four guitars! madness!

april 21, 2013
centro cultural del frente de artistas
buenos aires, argentina

Dario Dolcci, saxo soprano
Sam Natch, saxo tenor
Ada Rave, saxo tenor
Luis Conde, saxo baritono

Lulo Vitale, guitarra
Jorge Espinal, guitarra
Fernando Perales, guitarra
Juan Subh, guitarra

Agustin Genoud
Marco Suaya

ada rave / nicolás chientaroli live video documentation!

june 13, 2013. la playita, buenos aires.

improvised music by:
ada rave: tenor sax; jorge espinal: prepared guitar; lulo vitale: double bass; nicolás chientaroli: piano

and improvised dance by:
vanina goldstein, quio binetti

and this is a soundcheck. keep that in mind. a soundcheck. from back on may 26 at the casa presa in buenos aires.

pablo butelman, guitar; ada rave, sax; nicolás politzaer, drums